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A & FC Series

2,410,000 VND
Microlab FC530U integrates the beautiful wooden sound sytem
1,550,000 VND
Microlab FC330 is a powerful 2.1 speaker system
1,600,000 VND
FC10 is the fashionable speaker that especially for home entertainment use
2,500,000 VND
Microlab FC30 is a hi-tech stereo speaker. It integrates loads of hi-end sound ...
1,900,000 VND
Microlab FC20 is the hi-tech 2.1 sound system with DSP(Digital signal ...
2,800,000 VND
FC50BT is one of the most amazing surprises you get from Microlab.
3,100,000 VND
Microlab FC730 is the high definition 5.1 home theatre speaker that integrates ...
1,910,000 VND
Microlab FC360 is the quality stereo speaker that ideal for pleasure desktop ...
1,999,000 VND
Microlab FC530 integrates the beautiful wooden sound sytem.