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A & FC Series

Microlab FC50

Product code : Microlab FC50
Product code : MICROLAB
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FC50BT is one of the most amazing surprises you get from Microlab.

It adopts the unique technology of HC2D(high clarity close distance)

Here is the tips of HC2D: is invented by Microlab Electronic Co., Ltd. It is inspired by the new era digital audio concept. It includes Cabinet-free satellites, SQ speaker drive, parameter equalizer and 360°radio frequency identification. The more you get to know HC2D, the more you gonna like it.

Comfortable listening experience

FC50BT is absolutely necessary for hi-fi end users as its near field sound effect.

The perfect audio for video, game, music, home used solution: stunning surround-sound performance in a stylish, ultra modem and beautiful ellipse shape awesome satellites.

Includes high-definition lossless HC2D technology brings maximum audio performance.

Exclusive, customized, individual and hi quality sound wraps you in rich, involving surround sound from just one convenient speaker.

Powerful subwoofer with deep bass and vocals, enclosure parcel with leather. It definitely shows your good taste.

The satellite and the subwoofer is the perfect match. Medium-high frequency minus the coloration while subwoofer rocks.

Convenient control system

360°radio frequency identification-wireless control, no messing up with cables

CSR Bluetooth 4.0 with APTX/ACC and RCA input, supporting any media devices, first time connects to Bluetooth, manual operate takes only 3 seconds, and voice prompt indicates successfully connection. H50BT has Bluetooth connection auto save function. Provide the easiest way to enjoy your music.

Microlab HC2D Technology introduction

HC2D which means “High clarity close distance”, was innovated by microlab electronics co., ltd. It was inspired by the new era digital audio concept. It involves four technical parts: Cabinet-free satellites, SQ speaker drive, parameter equalizer and 360°radio frequency identification.

· Cabinet free- Remove the noise and sound coloration

· SQ speaker- exclusive parameter, reduce the vibration from frequency divider

· Parameter equalizer-Automatic balance the sound EQ

· 360°radio frequency identification- convenient wireless remote function

Feature highlights

· Advanced HC2D technology for high fidelity sound production in small area environment

· Satellites with box less design; improve speaker efficiency and retain original sound


· Cabinet-free satellites-eliminate coloration

· Beautifully designed satellites, perfect for your living room

· Round shape remote control with LED light, cabinet and delicate to your hand.

· Powerful amplifier using state-of-the art digital processing for dynamic power

· FC50BT’s wireless remote control 360°free control no limitation no signal being blocked.

Bluetooth version available.


Test items



Total power

54 Watt RMS

Power distribution

12 Watt x 2
+30 Watt RMS

Harmonic distortion

<0.5 % ( 1W 1KHz)

Frequence response

40 Hz - 20 KHz

Signal/Noise ratio

>80 dB


>45 dB


Tweeter type


Tweeter impedance

6 Ohm

Fullrange drive type


Fullrange impedance

4 Ohm





3.5 mm stereo jack



Power input



Remote control

Wireless (radio frequency)


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